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Fly eater by 7low 243.58(kb)
Eat as much fly as you can..

Pacman by ob1 57.33(kb)
Collect dots and chase ghost, or they will chase you!

Pinball by ob1 50.77(kb)
Kick the ball...Tilt it..

Golf by 7low 857.81(kb)
Make hole in one...

Fruit Smash by ob1 7.12(kb)
Arange fruits of same type/color into 3 elements line.

Aquan by ob1 39.01(kb)
Flash Lite game for mobile phones. Use arrow keys to move.

Magnifying Glass by 7low 395.13(kb)
Burn some people! and City !

3D Worm by ob1 28.34(kb)
Collect apples with worm in 3D enviroment.

Memoria by ob1 11.32(kb)
How smart are you ?

The BeardMan by ob1 96.95(kb)
In episode 1, Save the Day

Cyber Bunny by ob1 79.28(kb)
no comment..

Cyber Bunny #1 by ob1 295.78(kb)
u are little white bunny, collect carrots, jump on creatures from the forest (: explore maps, look for secrets etc..enjoy

3D Smiles by ob1 516.28(kb)
Collect smiles by moving around the balls in 3D flash enviroment.

Monkey Lander by 7low 667.29(kb)
Can monkey fly spaceships ? Absolutely..:)

Ploop by 7low 671.68(kb)
A Purple thing...

Kill the RUR Squad.. by ob1 97.51(kb)

Space Invaders by ob1 24.38(kb)
Tnk, tnk tnk boom..Tnk tnk tnk boom...invaders from space are here..

The Way of digital warrior by ob1 117.64(kb)
Electronic book, dedicated to y2k:children of a dying planet.

U sux by ob1 37.75(kb)
Beatyfull anoying thing! Just move mouse over it..

Snake by ob1 7.48(kb)
Clasic old snake game..


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