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3D Smiles Game
Game engine, made from 3D Flash World.
3D Flash World
Combination of Swift3D model and actionscript.
Ball Bouncing
Gravity and Psyhics for ball bouncing off the floor...
Date Counter
Tricky little code, for time and date manipulation..
Drag and drop
Move objects from stage and place them on right place...
Following Eyes
See eyes on keepit at homepage? That's the code!
Fruit Smash Game
Game code for very interesting old game...
Gensha 3D Game
"3D" Game engine for fly a ship type of a game.
Grid Drawing
Use lineTo() and moveTo() funct. to draw a perfect grid.
Invaders Game
Name speak for itself. Grab the code here...
Keyboard Navigation
Move movieClip on stage, using arrow keys...
Mouse Trail
Cool fadeing trail effect for mouse...:)
Pacman Game
Game code for one more old game...
PHP and Flash Pack
Some very usefull files of php and flash integration.
Random position
Place object using random() function randomly on stage..
Rotation And Shooting
Move and shot from object, with mouse move and click.
Snake Game
Old mobile snake game code done in flash...
Snow flakes
Interesting use of actionscript. Make it snowing..:)
Sun system
Math. functions, for planet movement around sun..
User Drawing
Enable user to draw lines on stage using mouse...
Robo Wallker
Character navigation with perspective.

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